Leadership from within


From a young age, I can remember working to hold a leadership position in every activity that I was a part of. From President of my 4H club & captain of the MHS color guard, to regularly leading Bible studies and mom’s groups. Later on, I held the position of Editor in Chief of the student newspaper upon returning to MCC.

After I graduated from MCC, I began working at the local radio station. The position that began as a part-time role producing the radio news quickly grew into a full-time position in which I operated in several capacities at once, including Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, and News Producer. When the station launched the Voice of Muscatine direct mail paper, I was tasked with creating a system for tracking sales and billing for ad sales.

After a time, I moved into the position of Creative Director of the VoM. As the Creative Director, I was responsible for managing a team comprised of staff and freelance writers and photographers, graphic designers, and news sources while working alongside our sales team to meet weekly deadlines and goals.

After leaving the radio station, I was in a position where I was hired to manage an existing staff of professionals. My role was not to tell the employes how to do their jobs, but rather to oversee that all policies were being followed and to provide guidance when needed.

In each leadership role, I believe in team-based leadership. I believe that in the professional world, we place the correct people in the position to complete the task, and then allow them to do it. Leaders need to be able to clearly communicate their goals and deadlines while allowing the people they have entrusted to complete the task to do so.

I believe that the team of professionals that has been assembled in the Muscatine County Auditor’s office is second to none. Each member of the team is knowledgable in their specific area while also being cross-trained to be able to competently complete tasks throughout the office.

As the current auditor moves to retirement and a new person fills the position, it is important to recognize the skill and importance of the existing team.

If I am elected, I intend to use every opportunity to learn from the current staff, to listen to their ideas, to allow each voice to be heard to help make the transition as smooth as possible. If the voters of Muscatine County place their faith in me, I will use the time between the election and taking over the office to learn as much as possible from the current auditor, and to become as familiar as possible with the daily workings of the office.

Thank you for your continued support as we draw closer to the election.

Mary Mason-Wheeler


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