Years of Service

Mary Mason-Wheeler has been serving as a precinct official for over 8 years, with 6 of those serving as the precinct captain.
She first became involved in serving at the elections when she was still a full-time stay at home mother to her four children, now all teenagers and young adults. Serving at the election as a precinct official was a great opportunity to become more involved in the local community.
Those first elections she served at were before Muscatine County introduced the computer programs that help increase efficiency and accuracy at each election. Mary continued to work each election, including the school board, primaries, and general elections.
After receiving her AA from Muscatine Community College in 2015, Mary joined the team at KWPC and Vintage Sound as the News Director. After the team launched the Voice of Muscatine, Mary continued with the team, holding several roles, News Director, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Creative Director.
Following a new opportunity, she left the radio farmhouse in December of 2017, to join Muscatine based UltimateTax in January of 2018 as a Customer Support Manager. In taking on the new role, Mary joined an existing team of experienced professionals. The new role involved learning how to provide the best support available to customers, then, in turn, serving in a supervisory role to the team.
While still serving in the role with UltimateTax, Mary also enrolled in Upper Iowa University in the fall of 2019, pursuing a double BA in Communications and Graphic Design.
In looking ahead to the opportunity to serve Muscatine County in the role of Auditor, Mary believes that each of these experiences will combine together to make her an effective leader, manager, and elected official.
“I have greatly enjoyed working alongside Leslie and the amazing staff that she has built. I look forward to the opportunity to work with and learn from the staff,” Mary says.
The filing deadline to be placed on the ballots is in Mid-March. Mary and her team will continue to collect signatures until that time.

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